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From My Heart

          I am honored that you are checking out my Website and my Book, The Adventure of Hearing God for Yourself. This Book is a Ministry Project for me, that has been on my heart for many years. Although I have been a Christian since my childhood, learning to follow the Lord's guidance in my own personal life has been a lifelong pursuit.  Not knowing how to accurately follow God's guidance is both dangerous and painful - and I have the battle scars to prove it! But God was patient and persistent to train me. So my Book grew out of my Life's Journey.

           It took me over 2 years to write it. It is not excessively wordy by design. I took a lot of time and effort editting and condensing it, and praying; so that it was clear, concise, and reader-friendly. It was important that every word and thought have impact. Although I've read a lot of Books on the topic of Following God, I still came out feeling like I had questions that weren't adequately answered. So I wrote the Book that I wished I'd had so many years ago, because the things I learned have quite literally changed my entire life!

           The Adventure of Hearing God for Yourself is only based on the Bible, so it's appropriate for every person who considers themselves to be a Follower of Jesus.


           My Book is now being distributed across Africa by Missionaries to train Believers how to daily Walk with the Lord, and follow His guidance. 

           It is being given away Free of Charge in Jails & Prison & Recovery Ministries.

           It is being used here in America for Bible Studies.

           Houses of Prayer are using it to give to those who come in to Pray.

           Many of my readers come back and buy multiple copies to give to their friends, loved ones, and churches.

           We are currently working to get my Book into the hands of as many Missionaries and Ministry Organizations as possible - all over the globe. We also are working to get it translated into other languages. If you have suggestions or referrals, or can help in any way, we would be grateful to hear from you.


           Getting this Book into the hands of as many people as we possibly can is a Ministry Outreach for us. We give away many free copies, and also copies at reduced rates, as our funds will permit. So if you have needs, or would like to help us, please drop us an email.



            We live in difficult, dark times on Planet Earth. Without exception, Followers of Jesus all over the world are hurting. And I dare say we all agree - that's going to get a lot worse. Even though no one knows when Jesus is coming back, Believers every.where seem to have a sense that the time is getting closer by the day!  I believe that's why God has put it heavy on my heart to exhort Believers world-wide to make certain they are armed and fully equipped to know how to follow every step their Shepherd leads them to take. Our very lives may depend on it!

          I am both amazed and humbled, that He would use me or my little book at all. I give Him all the Praise and Glory and Thanks, for doing big things that only God could do - through the lives of His children. Walking with Him is the greatest priviledge we can have on this earth. Walking with Jesus IS the Great Adventure!

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