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Betty K. Davis


About Betty

         As a Believer, do you ever find yourself asking God for a sign so you know what to do? Are you absolutely certain that you know how to personally follow God’s guidance in your own life? One of the greatest perplexities that I’ve had as a Christian has always been how to know for sure if I was really following God or not. And other Believers I’ve run across have had the same concerns.


         I’ve always loved good Christian Living Books, so for many years I read and researched a wide variety of authors. I got some good information from a few, but for the most part I came out feeling extremely frustrated. I felt like the books I read didn’t really hit the mark of what I was looking for, and I felt like something was missing. I thought “Is it really this hard to learn how to follow God? Why doesn’t somebody just write a book that tells us how to do that?”  So my Journey began to fill the vacuum that I was sensing needed to be filled.


         If God has a plan for each of our lives, which He does, then He has to have some way to tell us what that plan is, and how we walk it out. As a young Believer, I made a lot of bad decisions that I can directly attribute to one thing – no one ever taught me how to simply follow God in my own personal life. What a travesty! It is inevitable that we will fall into many pits throughout our lives if we don’t have this spiritual skill! I wrote The Adventure of Hearing God for Yourself – An Easy Guide to Following God, to answer all of the questions I had been asking all my life, but couldn’t find answers for.


In the Book I share a lot about what I’ve learned in my own life’s journey about how to follow God. I use stories of some of my own successes - and failures. I also include solid Biblical principles from the Word of God, that help us understand how to confidently, courageously, and accurately stay on track with God's plans for our lives.


         It’s a good resource for someone who is brand new at walking with the Lord, or someone who’s further along in their journey. I take my readers from the ground up, to lay a good solid foundation for how to follow God. It’s in a reader friendly, easy to use format that all ages can easily follow and understand, and use as a reference throughout their entire lives.


         If you’re tired of feeling like you’re wandering through life, not really liking the results you’re getting, and feeling like something is missing, then this Book is a good choice for you. You can develop a sense of confidence and boldness that you are following God, and in the center of His will for your life at all times.


Order your copy today! It may change your life forever!

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