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About  the  Book

         Prayer is talking to God, and no doubt most of us would say we know how to pray; but what about when God speaks to us? Do we know how to listen as well?

         Have you ever had thoughts that sound like:

  • “If God has a Plan for my life, how do I know what it is?”

  • “I’m confused. I have several choices and I don’t know which one God wants me to choose.”

  •  “God, would You just give me a sign so I know what You want me to do?”

  • “How do I know if what I’m thinking is my own thoughts – or is God trying to guide me – or is it Satan trying to throw me off?”

  • “Is it really even possible to know how to hear from God and follow Him in these days and times? Or do we just sort of have to guess and hope for the best?”     


         The good news is – God does still guide believers today. If He has a Plan for each of our lives, and He does, then doesn’t it stand to reason that He has to have ways to guide us in that plan? What kind of Plan would it be if He just left us here to aimlessly drift around through life, just sort of doing the best we can to figure things out, and hoping for the best?

         Although God is huge, He’s also very personal. He loves us each individually, and wants a personal relationship with each and every one of us. He actually wants to do life with us! He has provided us everything necessary so we can successfully navigate this Journey that we call Life.


         My readers will find that my Book is not a system. Learning to walk with God and follow Him can’t be condensed into a system of rules and regulations. When He guides us, He personally comes alongside each of us and leads us every step of the way. So all we need to do is learn to follow Him. The Holy Spirit is our Guide, and the Bible is our Guide Book.

I designed the Book to be reader friendly, and it’s broken down into clear sections. It is a Book you will want to refer back to many times throughout your life.

         Some of the things we will explore together in the book are:

  • We’ll take a close look at what the Bible teaches us about following God. The Scriptures are our Textbook and ultimate authority.

  • You will gain some practical application, as I share some stories from my own life about learning how to follow God, that will help you in your Journey as well.

  • We’ll establish some spiritual markers that will help you know if we’re on the right track or veering off course.


         In The Adventure of Hearing God for Yourself – An Easy Guide to Following God, you will gain the confidence and courage to absolutely know for yourself:

                   When you’ve heard from God –

                                         What He’s said –

                                                              And what He’s wanting you to do!


         Finally – Real Answers for Real Life!

Order it today!

It may change your life forever!

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